Photo Credit: Prosper Peak

Photo Credit: Prosper Peak

You are the Boss

You are the Operator (Driver), you are actually running your own business. Basically you rent the pedicab from Peddl but then run your business on the streets in your own fashion (within the rules and requirements of Manchester, NH, of course).

When you drive for Peddl, we fully train you, act as a resource and help you become a success.

Photo Credit: The LMC Group

Photo Credit: The LMC Group

Personality is key

Pedicabbing is much more than transporting people it relies heavily on your personality. People are looking for a fun and engaging experience while they are visiting Manchester. Remember your personality is what will really drive your earning. Big personality = higher earnings overall.

Photo Credit: (Instagram)

Photo Credit: (Instagram)

Work hard play hard

Driving a Pedicab is wicked fun but it is hard work. Our Pedicabs are 100% human powered. Riding a pedicab is not like your typical work out, it is hard work and much different than going for a ride on your road or mountain bike. Manchester does have some grueling hills, especially in the Millyard.

Despite the hard work, our drivers do have a good time. The more fun you have more you tend to make.

Want to Drive for Peddl?

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